Peace & Rain

I was getting fed up with the rain. It’s been going for well over a week now in the Tweed Valley area of New South Wales and shows little sign of letting up. Coming from the UK as I do the rain was often something to be feared. Seemingly incessant, grey, cold – at its worst, it often seemed the active ingredient to a bleak and depressing backdrop. So here I was, in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, moaning about a natural resource that the land badly needs. Such are the selfish conundrums of life.

But this morning, very early, I was woken by the sound of the rain. A strong, steady fall that betokened a day-long deluge, and thought again. My waking emotion was one of peaceful relief and calm. Living as I do in one of Australia’s finest yoga retreats, I was amused by my next thought: ‘Rain Yoga’. Perhaps it’s a bit much to consider doing your asanas in the pouring – and actually quite cold – rain, but who knows? I’m sure plenty have tried. And what with the multifarious types of yoga that abound, a little bit of no-cost improvisation might not go amiss.

More than all this though, I was struck by the healing quality of the sound. At SKYS Retreat, healing is one of the things we’re about, via the lessons and teachings of our Iyengar teacher, Simon Marrocco. Essentially, we run yoga retreats that improve your practice, offering strength, healing and inner peace. And in the sound of the rain outside my window, I found a reflection of that practice, and those values

And as I write these words the rain has just strengthened, coming now in waves that cross the land, bringing life and peace. Long may it fall.

Peace and Rain, my friends.

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