Teacher Training


It is relatively easy to be a teacher of an academic subject, but to be a teacher in art is very difficult, and to be a yoga teacher is the hardest of all, because yoga teachers have to be their own critics and correct their own practice. The art of yoga is entirely subjective and practical. Yoga teachers have to know the entire functioning of the body; they have to know the behaviour of the people who come to them and how to react and be ready to help, protect and safeguard their pupils.

The teacher training course will cover the understanding and developing processes of teaching and practice in the Iyengar Method. The course will include instructions in yoga for women, basic remedial and theory of working with injuries, use of props, basic anatomy and also the philosophy and psychology of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Private homework will be given in between modules.

The course content will cover thoroughly a detailed study of the asanas and pranayamas of the syllabus and practice sequences of the Introductory Level. Upon completion of the course you will be eligible for assessment and on passing recognised worldwide as a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Observation and guidance to the potential teacher will be given in these main important areas of a professional development as a teacher as well as the importance of developing a strong practice.

  • Clarity of instruction
  • Observation and correction and adjusting of students
  • Performance in demonstration effectiveness
  • Teacher presence, class control, communication
  • Pacing and timing of asana
  • Professional development as a teacher
  • Proper sequencing of the level of the students

30 modules over 3 years. COST each session $350, $3500 per year (10% upfront discount).